Dimond like shape made on horn, top black and glossy bottom gold like color hooks gold color
Mountain Peak Horn Earrings

Cool, unique, and sustainable, these funky earrings are made from up-cycled horn. While we use recycled materials in almost all of our fair trade products, this piece gets to transform a waste product into earrings that make a statement.

Made from recycled brass and up-cycled horn from our suppliers in partnership with a local butcher shop in Mumbai, India. Measure about 2".


Please use this link to see how your purchase supports women in India. 

 Please note that you may not receive this EXACT pair of earrings.  Due to them being handmade from natural materials, they all may have slightly different markings and colors. 

4 metal pieces layered in a pattern, almost look like woven into each other cuff like bracelet, so opening for wrist silver color
2 bracelets varying patterns of gold colored and iron colored beads of different shapes with a hassle with mixed metals and beads at the end of each frings