layered teardrop earrings bottom layer bigger peacock color like deep blue/green color top layer like a coral orange color with 3 teardrop like shape cutout on the bottom of the top layer can see the peacock color through
Faux Leather, Teardrop Earrings-Coal and Dark Teal

I'm so glad you decided to look at this product! If you're looking at these earrings you obviously have great style and we think you're amazing for that.  But, that means you've got lots of other earrings that are stylish too right? So what is so different about these? Whether your pride will let you admit to it or not your ears are suffering under the heavyweight of all your "statement jewelry".  That is why people love these earrings. They still make a statement but at a fraction of the weight.  You will likely forget that you are even wearing them! 


 Top Piece-Approximately 2 inches long .                                                       

 Bottom Piece- Approximately 2.5 Inches Long

If you think these earrings could be tweaked to fit your style better contact us!  We are happy to add a different finish ear wire, change colors around, or create 100% from scratch earring for you!


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    Exact colors of product may be slightly different due to different computer monitors.