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2 layered strand necklace gray/white/blueish beads in various patterns closer on top farther in bottom with a white laborite stone on the bottom center area strand

This elegant necklace is named after the symbolic firefly- an insect that illuminates a dark part of the sky. This labradorite stone necklace, made fair trade in India, is a testament to the power we have to bring light to what seems grim.

Our Firefly Necklace is made fair trade by women in India. Made from semi-precious moonstone and labradorite and brass-plated metal. Measures 25" with a 3" extender chain.  Please use this LINK to learn how your purchase benefits women in India.

4 metal pieces layered in a pattern, almost look like woven into each other cuff like bracelet, so opening for wrist silver color
2 bracelets varying patterns of gold colored and iron colored beads of different shapes with a hassle with mixed metals and beads at the end of each frings