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gold cuff design is 2 x shapes with a line in between the 2 x's horisontally

This big brass cuff bracelet doesn’t just match almost any outfit you pair it with, it makes the look complete. And it helps to know that this piece was lovingly and fairly designed. A real statement on its own.Our Gold Lining Cuff is made fair trade by women in India. It is adjustable and made from brass-plated metal. Measures 2" across.


Portions of this product are made using recycled materials. 

*This product is made with nickel-free metal.


Use this LINK to learn more about the women who make the jewelery in India, and how your purchase helps them.


4 metal pieces layered in a pattern, almost look like woven into each other cuff like bracelet, so opening for wrist silver color
2 bracelets varying patterns of gold colored and iron colored beads of different shapes with a hassle with mixed metals and beads at the end of each frings