copper geometric earrings with hand stamped detailing
Geometric Copper Stud EarringsGeometric Copper Stud EarringsGeometric Copper Stud EarringsGeometric Copper Stud Earrings

The talented artisan Ana is at it again, this time hand-making our beautiful Maura Copper Stud Earrings.  These beautiful, ethically-produced studs are made from copper, a natural resource from Chile. She cuts the piece of copper, uses metal stamps to texture the piece, sands down the edges, and finishes them off. This textured fair trade jewelry comes with rubber backings. It’s amazing how much work goes into each pair of these - a handmade piece you can be proud to wear!

This product is made from 100% recycled materials. Measures about 1".


Please us this LINK to see how your purchase helps women in Chile.

4 metal pieces layered in a pattern, almost look like woven into each other cuff like bracelet, so opening for wrist silver color
2 bracelets varying patterns of gold colored and iron colored beads of different shapes with a hassle with mixed metals and beads at the end of each frings