Multi metal multi strand bracelet made from recycled bullet casings  leather detailing and snap closure  strands copper colored  3 2 strands brass/gold colored 2 strands silver colored
Belen Bracelet-Recycled Bullet Casing

This powerful piece is great for any jewelry lover. The mixed metals makes it match almost any outfit, and mix with other jewelry.  As if this bracelet alone wasn't beautiful enough, it's story adds to it's beauty.  It's made from recycled bullet casing and sustainably-sourced, recycled leather by women in Ethiopia. Learn about where theese bullet casings come from, and how your purchase supports women artisans in Ethiopia using this LINK. It has a secure snap closure.  Even though it is made from 100% recycled materials, it's nickle free!


Please note the gold-colored beads are pure brass, the copper-colored beads are pure copper, but the silver-colored beads are plated copper. This means that depending on the pH of your skin, the silver-color beads could tarnish with time. Measures 3".

4 metal pieces layered in a pattern, almost look like woven into each other cuff like bracelet, so opening for wrist silver color
2 bracelets varying patterns of gold colored and iron colored beads of different shapes with a hassle with mixed metals and beads at the end of each frings