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About Team Mexico!

The Team in Taxco are masters of metallic jewelry, working in sterling silver, gold, brass, and alpaca silver. The city of Taxco exports tons of silver jewelry to the U.S., but it's almost entirely made by men. This artisan cooperative works with women in the villages outside of Taxco. There are currently 12 women that are a part of this group, primarily single mothers. Some were taught the craft while growing up by their fathers, others were taught by other women in the group. Regardless, the tradition of silversmithing in these small villages goes back generations, and it is the livelihood of most people in the area. Most artisans never learned to read or write, so their options are limited. Working with this cooperative, the women are able to export their products at fair prices, as well as work from their own homes where they can care for their children. It's difficult work, but these women do it with so much pride!

How our suppliers support Team Mexico!

"Our suppliers" refers to the business that helps us by finding products from various fair trade groups around the world. They first make partnerships with the groups, in order to buy their products and then supply those product to stores like us. 

* They commit to long term, reliable trade agreements that allow cooperatives to hire more women and make proactive business decisions. Team Mexico can count on them to place continuous orders at consistent prices, and that trust results in more jobs and more job security for women. 

*Minimum wage, can sometimes be a tricky concept depending on the actual laws of each country, or even areas within the same county.  However, one article says the minimum wage is $123.22 Mexican Pesos/day.  This is Equal to about $5.78 USD.  The artisans working on our pieces in Mexico are paid a minimum of 12.00USD/day.  That is slightly over double the previous number.  

* They work closely with the artisan cooperatives on new designs using their traditional skillsets. This allows them to reach new markets and sell more products, ultimately increasing the number of fair trade jobs provided to women. The pieces you'll see from Team Mexico are unlike any you'll find at a Cancun resort!

* They’re providing more tools to women who want to learn how to solder metal. This training and access to new tools creates many more possibilities in jewelry creation, as well as new fair trade jobs for women in rural areas.

Product Spotlight!

This bracelet is made fair trade  by women in Mexico and is absolutely Beautiful.  The Supernova Cuff is a classic statement piece. It's textured, beautiful, and ethically made!Alpaca silver cuff bracelet. Adjustable. Handmade by women outside of Taxco, Mexico.