About Team India!

About Team India
  * By providing women with health insurance, educational scholarships,  and business trainings, Team India supports Women’s development both  socially and economically
* They also work hard to help women break into the job market, providing community trainings on business and vocational skills to women of different experience levels.   

How our Suppliers Support Team India 
"Our suppliers" refers to the business that helps us by finding products from various fair trade groups around the world.  They first make partnerships with the groups, in order to buy their products and then supply those product to stores like us.

 * Our suppliers commit to long term, reliable trade agreements that allow cooperatives to hire more women and make proactive business decisions. Team India can count on them to place continuous orders at consistent prices, and that trust results in more jobs and more job security for women.  

* Our suppliers recognize the difference between living wage and minimum wage, and  pay their artisans more than 2x the minimum wage in Delhi. Uttar Pradesh minimum wage: 445 rupees per day ($6.88 USD/day), compared to their wage: 800+ rupees per day ($12.50 USD+). The minimum wage in India is also seen as a livable wage, but most workers in India aren't employed through the formal economy, so they don't even receive minimum wage for their work.  

Product Spotlight!

This bracelet is made fair trade  by women in Ethiopia and is absolutely Beautiful.  It becomes even more beautiful when you learn the story to this bracelet.  It is made from recycled bullet casings.  The Team in Ethiopia is possibly the most inspiring we highly encourage reading more about this team and piece!