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About Our Fair Trade Collection

We love talking about this collection! We hope that one day fair trade won't just be a collection in our store, but that most, if not all, our products will be fair trade.  Fair Trade improves conditions and provides opportunities for many who due to their social standing, gender, or other factors are not usually given a fair shake. Many often believe that slavery is gone.  A distant horror from the past, but in all actuality, "modern slavery", as well as grossly unfair working conditions and wages touch our lives almost every day, wether we are aware of it, or not.  Fair trade puts in extra effort to distance from these wrong, unfair practices.

Side Effects of Fair Trade

Fair wages are given and paid promptly

Opportunities are provided to many of  the disabled

Opportunities are provided  to many women

Talented people from around the world Create UNIQUE, gorgeous  products, that you can feel good about wearing and using!

One of the best ways to learn about our fair trade collection is by learning about the artisans.  

At Bully Belle Boutique, we think the main goal of fair trade is to treat people more like people should be treated.  That's why we have created a page for each country that we receive Fair Trade jewelry from! These pages hilight the cost of living, minimum wage, an estimated fair wage,  and how these groups are helping people and communities.  As you read these pages you will likely notice that the estimated Fair wage is considerably higher than the legal minimum wage in some ares.  And you may realize that SOME minimum wages are considered living wages.  Why then is fair trade important to people in the ladder situation?One reason is that just like anywhere, many are not paid even the minimum wage. That's a huge reason fair trade is important! It aims to ensure everyone receives a fair wage.  As you read the amazing stories of the artisans, you may think that the fair wage is still too low.  And it likely is for WHERE YOU LIVE.  But keep in mind cost of living is MUCH lower in many of the countries we get our products from.  Living wages vary from country to country, and even city to city in some cases.