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Fair Trade

Fair wages are given and paid promptly

Opportunities are provided to many of  the disabled

Opportunities are provided  to many women

Talented people from around the world Create UNIQUE, gorgeous  products, that you can feel good about wearing and using!
cuff cut into a lace like pattern with many shapes outer color looks like a natural green/blue and white patina inside cuff is a gold like color
2 layered strand necklace gray/white/blueish beads in various patterns closer on top farther in bottom with a white laborite stone on the bottom center area strand
Blue geometric shape with gold Dimond pattern as well as a triangle chain shape with 3 rows on beads and 3 beads vertical on top
2 geometric silver colored shapes stacked to make the earring
hoops around ear designed like a feather
hoops with gold hardware and blue and white pattern fabric detailing on the bottom half top half goes up for ear like a hill shape bottom like a hoop with fabric
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Product Spotlight!

This bracelet is made fair trade  by women in Ethiopia and is absolutely Beautiful.  It becomes even more beautiful when you learn the story to this bracelet.  It is made from recycled bullet casings.  The Team in Ethiopia is possibly the most inspiring we highly encourage reading more about this team and piece!